Summer Escape

Time to wrap it up for the weekend. The market sucks. Some would think it is because of the Kerry-Edwards presidential possibility, while others would blame Bush-Cheney. When perhaps we should blame the lying criminals like Kenneth Lay, a friend of Democrats and Republicans alike.

To be balanced, you have to escape the political morass at times, and watching the news will be good and entertaining this weekend, as long as the news is presented by Anchorman Ron Burgundy. Yeah, its time for some uplifting news from those good old fashioned reporters.

If you really want entertainment, you need to have the bucks to go to a KerryEdwards fundraiser, but were talking real money there. How is it that the Democrats proclaim the Republicans to be the wealth party when the Democrats seem to have sufficient wealth of their own? The difference: Democrats want to use your money to do things they think are good, and keep theirs. How considerate.

Screw the Clear Politics, enjoy the clear sky and have a great summer weekend!

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