A few quotes. Who is the fountain of this wisdom?

Ideas are everywhere, but knowledge is rare.

Freedom has cost too much blood and agony to be relinquished at the cheap price of rhetoric.

The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer's money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars and depressions- began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to "help."

One of the most fashionable notions of our times is that social problems like poverty and oppression breed wars. Most wars, however, are started by well-fed people with time on their hands to dream up half-baked ideologies or grandiose ambitions, and to nurse real or imagined grievances.

The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.

Nobody is equal to anybody. Even the same man is not equal to himself on different days.

Who? What do they look like? He? She? Does it make a difference in their appearance? Do they look like you?

Did you guess Sowell?

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