Barack: Not an Affirmative Action Candidate

Affirmative action is racist. Anything that grants a citizen privileges based on their ethnic heritage is racist. And it seems that racism is so deeply ingrained in so many Americans that we have the first true presidential candidate defined by his color. This man will most likely become the next president. Wait, that should be rephrased: This black man will most likely become the next president.

This discussion of race is a boring mask that hides the content of the man's character, but when discussing the upcoming election with those who plan on voting for him their is the undeniable support of his being black as a qualification. You can talk all day with McCain supporters and you would be hard pressed to find one that is going to say they support him because he is white but those who support Obama consider his being black a significant qualification. Even when you try to talk with them about his energy policy or his stance on the war, the conversation inevitably gets back to the fact he is black and how great it would be to have a black president. So, it has to be said: Being black is not a qualification for becoming the leader of the free world.

Compared with McCain, there are many reasons to support Barack Obama. He seems to have admirable views in some areas and some demonstrably foolish and amateurish views in other areas. Some of what he says on policy makes sense; some does not. John McCain and Bob Barr also have views that are good and bad, as well as qualities of character that attract and repel. It is the ideas put forth by the candidates and the quality of their character by which we should judge candidates, all candidates, and it is important that Barack Obama be given that same respect. Yes, if you want to respect Barack Obama you must support him for the ideas he campaigns on and the content of his character, as to do otherwise puts your character into question.

Frederick Douglass made it clear that when slavery was abolished it was important that blacks were not treated any differently than anyone else. He made these declarations based on his knowledge that blacks were at least as capable as any other citizen and to treat them as they were less and needed assistance would be a disservice that would bring dire consequences. He was right, and yet we refuse to learn.

If you vote for Barack Obama because you believe he is the candidate that most accurately represents your beliefs and values, good luck; go forth and champion his cause. If you vote for Barack Obama because of the hue of his skin, you are racist. Give the man the respect he deserves and listen to his words, then decide. Racism is a choice.

Barack Obama has not asked anyone to vote for him because of the color of his skin, so stop speaking of it and discuss the content and character that emanates from the man. Barack Obama is a well defined man, not a color.

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