Stop the Thieves

Yes, it is a crime, a real crime, movie piracy. I know, because I see the advertisement about the poor union set builder using convoluted reasoning to explain how we should not pirate movies because it will hurt his job without doing harm to the fatcat producers before each movie, but letís get real.

Movie studios claim they lost $3.5 billion to piracy in 2003. How did they come up with that figure? Was that the combined amount the missed expectations set by the financial analysts? The also estimate that between 400,000 and 600,000 movies are downloaded everyday. Well, it is an industry based on fantasy.

Now that this is a growing concern, letís watch and see how they treat their customer. Something many people do not know is that over the years, per capita ticket sales have been stagnant, but since ticket prices have been going up, they continue to increase their grosses. The dirty secret is that ticket sales are not growing, a trend started long before they came up with the Napster excuse.

The Clear Politics of this and so much else in society, is who can we blame, since the mirror is broken.

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