Obama is Scary

Those who refer to Obama as a socialist are underestimating his intentions. More appropriately you would want to use the term "communist" or "fascist" or perhaps, shall we say it, naive and inexperienced. You choose based on this Obama quote:

And what we need is a floor in the housing market, a, a stop to the decline in housing values, as well as some certainty on the part of lenders in terms of what houses are worth so that we can start restoring confidence in the housing market.

A floor on prices in a market based economy? Predictability of prices in a market economy? No, you get these things in a government controlled economy. As the rest of the world, including communist China, moves more and more toward a market economy, Obama eyes the failure known as Cuba as his economic model for America's future.

Obama is a great candidate, as long as you do not listen to what he says.

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GO OBAMA! wrote:

Mccain can't even put a sentence together and I'm supposed to believe he is a better at debate than Obama...thats funny.

I suggest you don't watch the first debate because Mccain is the idiot that lost to George W.

Mccain is George Bush exept older and with no conviction.

He changes his mind daily and cant even remember his own rectoric.

He is 72!!! I don't think many Americains relate well with Grandfathers.

He admitted to never using the internet.. talk about out of touch with America.

His wife spends 700,000 a month in credit card bills ...elite elite elite!

This election will be a landslide and I along with any one with a brain in this country will be very happy.

08/04/08 00:47:10

GO OBAMA! wrote:

Obama is going to save this country from the war loving Mccain!
08/04/08 00:49:53

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