Obama Wants to Buy You! $1,000?

Barack Obama said he was not bothered by high gas prices, only wishing the rise in prices had been more gradual. Now he would like to send everyone $1,000 to help offset high energy costs. Contradiction? Only if you listen.

"This rebate will be enough to offset the increased cost of gas for a working family over the next four months," Obama said in the crucial swing state of Florida. [Read]

Would it be cynical to suggest Obama is offering to buy your vote for $1,000?

As for contradictions: Barack Obama has really benefited from the fact that the media that follows him so closely ignores his previous statements and focuses on what he is saying in the moment. It is almost as if they were reporting on a celebrity and not on a political candidate. Perhaps content of character really does not matter as much as the buzz.

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Justin F. wrote:

At least the oil companies will be paying for the program:


But wont this just lead to still higher gas prices?
08/01/08 12:57:04

GO OBAMA! wrote:

Mccain can't even put a sentence together and I'm supposed to believe he is a better at debate than Obama...thats funny.

I suggest you don't watch the first debate because Mccain is the idiot that lost to George W.

Mccain is George Bush exept older and with no conviction.

He changes his mind daily and cant even remember his own rectoric.

He is 72!!! I don't think many Americains relate well with Grandfathers.

He admitted to never using the internet.. talk about out of touch with America.

His wife spends 700,000 a month in credit card bills ...elite elite elite!

This election will be a landslide and I along with any one with a brain in this country will be very happy.

08/04/08 11:51:39

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