The Scripted Candidate

When you consider how Barack Obama runs away from open debate, how poorly he does in interviews and how his notoriety and popularity have arisen from his prepared speeches, you have no choice but to see the truth that is Barack Obama: He is The Scripted Candidate.

Love him or hate him, from here on out he should be referred to as the one, The Scripted Candidate.

There are worse titles, but none more accurate.

Did the Kool-aid drinking lefties not belittle George W. Bush ruthlessly for his inability to be eloquent off the cuff? Why are they giving Barack a pass? Do they think no one will notice if they don't say anything? No, they can't be that, uh, how do, uh, wron, no, uh, ridiculous.

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shepton wrote:

ha, ha, you've got to be kidding. McCain can't even read a prepared speech. He and Bush II qualify for the same (read lower) reading group. O'Bama has a problem reducing everything to sound bites because a logical in depth debate filled with nuance would just provide fodder for ridiculous chowder heads.
08/12/08 03:14:05

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