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It is important to take a look at the details:

In stumping Tuesday in this key battleground state, Obama sought to link the troubled economy with Republican policies and offer his own energy plan in contrast. He has tried to cast McCain as more concerned about oil company profits and drilling than an overall energy strategy.

However, Obama himself voted for a 2005 energy bill backed by Bush that included billions in subsidies for oil and natural gas production, a measure Cheney played a major role in developing. McCain opposed the bill on grounds it included billions in unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industry.

Pay attention. Obama supported the bill. McCain opposed the bill because of the subsidies for the oil industry. Obama's actions are to continue government subsidies to all, including the oil industry because of his belief that the government is at the center of any well planned economy. McCain is opposed to the government subsidy of such a profitable industry.

(As for Bush: We have always known he is a big government Remocrat.)

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